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For test creators

Thank you for your interest in creating online tests. The English Tests testing portal is available to creators, teachers, pupils and students free-of-charge. Just register and you can create tests according to your liking!

Options for test creators

  • you can create any number of tests
  • tests can be public, only for registered users, or hidden (only those who are sent an invitation or a specific test URL reach them)
  • a test can last indefinitely, or can be limited by time
  • you can also create tests that are language independent; just write the whole test in English
  • you can create any number of questions - a variety of tests for the same issues is produced through their shuffling and by selecting only a few of them
  • you can also create more options for answers than those that appear in the test
  • you can set up selected questions to be displayed in each testing variant
  • if the test is to fully practice a certain subject, you can grant a certificate for its successful completion (the option for granting the certificate and the number of points necessary in order to obtain is entirely up to you)
  • you create a test for your class or for the school's needs; you can directly set up its classification

Advantages of the English Tests system

  • easy to use
  • tests are also available from other creators
  • flexible environment
  • students can take the exam on mobile devices
  • option to contact the creator of the English Tests portal and optimize its functions

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for improvement regarding this testing portal, please contact us at the email address info@english-test-online.com. We will be glad for any feedback or ideas that will help you and others in studying English language.

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