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For students

Welcome to the system for testing the English skills of students. Unlike school, you can go through these tests whenever and wherever you want, repeat them an unlimited number of times and still be cool and stress free, because no one can chastise anyone for bad results, nor will it affect your final grade on the report card. On the contrary, you can only improve thanks to practicing your English skills!

How to do it?

Testing is very simple - choose the test (you can select it from a list or search according to the selected criteria), then run it and answer the questions. After completing the test, you can see how you fared!

What benefits will it bring me?

It depends on which test you run. If you run a placement test (English Level Test), then you find out what level your English is at in terms of grammar. If you run a test to practice the verb "to be", then you'll not only find out the extent of your knowledge in this narrow area, but this test will help you learn the issue - after completing the test, you can see the results, where you can find an explanation next to each answer regarding why your chosen option is correct or incorrect, and the right solution displayed in the case of the wrong answer.

Obtain a certificate!

When achieving a certain number of points/percentage of success, some tests enable you to obtain a certificate. For example, if you attain at least the basic level (get 4 points out of 50) in the English Level Test, you get a certificate. You can then send it to your email or even share with your friends on Facebook.

I want to look at my results later…

All tests are stored on your account. You can log in directly through this testing system, Facebook or via your account on Google. If you want to create an account directly on the testing system, just click here to register.

If you need help with the registration, we have prepared instructions on how to do it:

Tip: You can complete the test not only on a computer or laptop, but also on a tablet or smartphone! All you need is Internet access ;-)

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for improvement regarding this testing portal, please contact us at the email address info@english-test-online.com. We will be glad for any feedback or ideas that will help you and others in studying English language.