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Greetings to teachers, educators, professors and anyone else who decided to have anything to do with English!

What does the English Tests portal offer you?

It simplifies your lessons! Yes, this testing portal will make your life simpler. You ask how?

Surely you know very well how hard it is to teach students basic grammar, such as the forms of the verb "to be". That is why we have prepared tests for this verb that not only test the student regarding the issue, but also explains why the given answer is correct or incorrect and what the correct form is.

And how to make students remember this material? Simple. For example, the test for the given subject has 25 questions prepared, and each question has up to 5 different possible answers. But for students, you can generate a test that will contain only 15 questions and three answers for each question. The questions and answers are always shuffled when generating a test, so different combinations are created for one test, which will make it look like a new test, yet will still involve the same topic. Plus, the results of this "5-minute test" will be stored in your record archive on your profile, including the evaluation of each student.

How to do it?

To create a teacher's account - please click here. You also have the preset option to be a test creator.
After registration, you can create your own class and immediately schedule the first test!

If you need help with something, we have prepared instructions on how to do it.

Tip for you:include yourself in the class and take the test too. You can receive a summary of how it works, and eventually you will learn how to use the other options on this portal (e.g. creating tests for your needs or closer cooperation with the English Tests portal; like this you can generate tests not only for your school, but also for the general public).


  • easy to use
  • quick testing of the entire class
  • automatic evaluation
  • a test is also a learning tool
  • saving time with subject repetition
  • tests for everyone regardless of their level of knowledge

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for improvement regarding this testing portal, please contact us at the email address info@english-test-online.com. We will be glad for any feedback or ideas that will help you and others in studying English language.

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